A Change in Pace

by Equestriangradstudent

My ponies are currently enjoying the winter off. Shoes have been pulled, tack has been stored, goodbyes have been said. Temporarily, of course. I’ll probably see them again next week because I can’t stay away too long, but for now I am quite far from them.

I’m back home for the holidays. A death in the family has extended the holidays to include the whole of December, and while it is good to see my family it is also hard to be so far from my horses.

While replying to a comment, I realized that I haven’t updated this since October. Life has been crazy. More crazy than I counted on. In addition to traveling hundreds on miles in the recent past, I also had the misfortune of losing my laptop. I have just replaced it (good thing I have a smartphone!) and am in the process of restoring all of my documents, pictures and music. Backup drives are truly wonderful. I’m so glad I kept it in a separate bag. Anyway, I am sitting at my dad’s house, in front of a very lovely fire, contemplating the next phase of my life. More on that soon, I hope! I’m in that awkward transitional phase between one adventure and the next. It’s REALLY fun.

Just thought a quick update would be helpful, in case anyone was wondering why I disappeared. I’m not currently doing anything with my horses, though I may go visit my old guy (I free-leased him out when I went to college) since he’s only twenty minutes from here. I may even post pictures!