So Much for the Afterglow

by Equestriangradstudent

Yeah, yeah, I stole a song title again. It’s a very good song, though.

Plantation was amazing! Jess rocked everything (dressage was a bit less that stellar but stadium and cross country were brilliant). As you may have heard already, the second water element on the cross country course ended up being removed after several falls took place at the first element. Jess was one of the few clear rounds to go while the water was still on the course. I  was only able to watch until Jess’ run though, then I had to race back to the vet box to make sure everything was set up for her when she finished. This was my first time in a vet box! It wasn’t nearly as scary as i imagined it would be. Sponge the horse, scrape the horse, walk the horse. Repeat until vet comes to clear horse to leave.

Sunday was a pretty awesome day. Until that evening, when Riley called with news from the farm. One of the horses is acting colicky. Riley doesn’t know how to give IV shots. The vet won’t come out. Finally Jess decided that Riley could give the banamine IM in the horse’s chest and we’d just have to hope for the best. After getting increasingly positive updates on the horse’s condition, we went to bed around eleven.

Since the show was over and we couldn’t leave first thing in the morning due to a vet appointment, we decided to sleep in until seven (sounds like a whole lot of sleeping in, doesn’t it!). Riley kept us updated and the horse is now back to normal. She still can’t have grain but is happily munching on hay and drinking plenty of water.

We got in the truck to head to the show grounds…and the truck complained very loudly before dying. Turns out Jess had put gas in it instead of diesel while she was on the phone with the vet about the colicky horse. Fortunately we were stuck right next to New Bolton and the receptionist turned out to be extremely helpful. She got us a tow truck, recommended a great mechanic and drove us back to the show grounds. The truck is now fixed and we’ve only been delayed a couple of hours.

Even though we’ve not been delayed that much, it still puts us back at the farm around midnight. I’m so glad tomorrow is my day off. So glad we didn’t get stuck here overnight. So glad Jess is finally in a better mood.