Where Have I Been?!

by Equestriangradstudent

Wow, two weeks since my last update. That’s pretty bad. Someone should have yelled at me!

News…let’s see…I haven’t had a day off since August 29th, we’ve hired a new working student…and I’m at Plantation!

Day off, first (or lac thereof). Things have been crazy here because Jordyn’s time ended on September 1st. That left me working by myself and desperate to hire someone. But finding that someone was proving difficult. Most of the applicants would either not want to come for an in-person interview or have to check with their parents. Finally, a week later, I interviewed the perfect candidate, offered her the job…and she took it! No questions, no needing to check with parents. It was brilliant. Two days later, she arrived. Her name is Riley and she is awesome. Everything is so much better with a motivated second person. Unfortunately, it’s so much better that Jess no longer sees a need for a third person. Which brings me to my last bit of news…

I’m at Plantation! While it’s exciting, it means that Riley is back at the farm by herself. Weeks like this is why I wanted to hire a third working student, because it’s not fair to Riley to be stuck doing everything by herself for six days straight. Jess needs help at the show, which is why I get to go (and I’d much rather be here than there), but I still feel a little twinge of guilt when I think about all the work she has to do.

But I’m at Plantation! Grooming for Jess in the CIC***. Dressage day is over. I’m pretty exhausted, but it was so much fun. I got to tag along when Jess walked cross country. Some fences looked inviting, some looked huge. I figured they would seem huge, as Advanced is not easy, but what surprised me was how technical the questions are. Some of the fences were fairly small, but had insane drops behind them or impossible angles/bending lines to narrow combinations. There were some things that almost didn’t seem possible. I guess that’s why you can’t just sign up for Advanced. I’m hoping that by working up through the levels, Advanced won’t seem so scary when I’m qualified for it. Abs and I move up to Training at our next event, woohoo!

Jess gave me a bracelet that gives me special privileges. It says “Plantation Field Owner” which is supposed to (obviously) be for owners of the horses who are competing. I’m not sure how Jess got it for me. She has one that marks her as a rider. Maybe she got both because she is both a rider and an owner, and the organizers didn’t think that through. Either way, I have a bracelet! This magical bracelet not only makes me feel special, but also allows me access to the VIP tent with free food and drinks (free alcohol, yay!).

Tomorrow is Stadium day, which seems a bit backwards. I guess the reasoning is that since CIC show jumping is larger than either Advanced or CCI show jumping, it should happen before cross country. Jess doesn’t go until after noon, so we may have a leisurely morning in store. I hope so, I could certainly use one.

That’s what I’ve been up to. I promise I’ll be better about updates from now on! I should be back to my normal Tuesdays off since we’ve hired Riley. If that’s the case, I’ll guarantee weekly updates, at least.