Focus On: Avery

by Equestriangradstudent

Avery is the sweetest, cutest, cuddliest horse you’ll ever meet. He is also a Destroyer of Things. On one memorable occasion, he ate my skullcap. Precious, right? Since I’ve owned him, he has destroyed two helmets (not through riding accidents), a pair of gloves, a bottle of Vetrolin Green Spot Remover, three halters, two cell phones, a set of shipping wraps, a blanket, a cooler and more fly masks than I care to think about. And that’s just what I can remember.

His latest destructive project is his stall guard. He has broken this four times now, twice trying to walk into his stall. After the first break, I hung it up with baling twine because he broke the eye hook that kept it attached to the wall. This makes it a simple fix, but I’m getting tired of fixing it.

Also during the stall-guard-destruction phase Avery has decided that it is fly-mask-removal-week. Every day for the last six days, he has removed his fly mask. Every day for the last six days, I have fetched it from a random corner of his field. Today was the best day of it because…

Avery went out in a real field today! He’s still by himself, but no longer confined to temporary fencing. Aside from ditching his fly mask, he was quite well-behaved!

He has, however, become quite spoiled since his return from hospital. He  now refuses to eat Jess’ feed so I have to buy him the same grain they fed there. He goes through a bag a week; a bag costs $20. He refuses to stay out past two in the afternoon. If he can get my attention earlier, he comes in earlier. He won’t drink his water if he drops his grain in it; he drops his grain in it at every meal. He grinds his teeth when his hay runs out.

And yet, I somehow love him even more. He’s just so cute!