And Then There Was One

by Equestriangradstudent

Yesterday was Jordyn’s last day. Jess had been advertising for another working student since July, but she was getting sick of dealing with potential interviewees, so she turned it over to me. It’s really fun stuff, trying to hire people.

Facebook is a great resource; it’s the main way we advertise for the job opening. Unfortunately, we get some odd inquiries through Facebook. Most of the responses we get are from college students looking for something to do over winter vacation. A few of the responses were almost impossible to read due to extremely poor writing skills. And a few were worth talking to! We have two interviews scheduled and three people trying to set up interviews. Finally.

I’m still stuck working by myself for at least two weeks. The work isn’t terrible, but I got quite used to Jordyn’s company. As annoying as she is, we got work done. I’m going to miss her just for that.

We’re looking to hire two people, one to replace Jordyn and one to expand. It’s pretty exciting! I just wish someone would start now. Like right now, today. I don’t like working by myself!

We HAVE to hire someone by Fair Hill, because I desperately want to be able to groom there.