Quick, Before I Fall Asleep!

by Equestriangradstudent

Avery is finally done with his medication. What does that mean? I can finally go to bed at a reasonable hour. Thank Tofu! I’ve been operating on very little sleep. Avery needed his meds exactly every eight hours. That seems like plenty of time to got some sleep between doses, but I was stressed/worries/overtired and could not sleep. I tried melatonin, which made me groggy all day. I tried aromatherapy, which smelled very nice but did absolutely nothing to help me sleep. I tried staying awake until I couldn’t possibly keep my eyes. That was awful.

But now he’s well on his way to recovery. He’s getting out of his stall! I had to build a temporary pen. The first day, it was twelve by twelve and he went out for forty-five minutes. He’s now up to eighteen by eighteen and as long as he’s content to graze. He’s such a polite guy that he waits until I walk by so he can nicker at me to come get him. Most horses would be pacing the fence, but he’s too sweet for that. He just waits patiently.

I was also finally able to give him a bath today. The poor guy was so oily that he was starting to get sticky to the touch. I didn’t scrub his wound or that leg at all, because even though it has filled in nicely and is starting to scab over, I was worried about opening it back up.

No more medications syringed in the dark! I can sleep again. It’s such a relief to see my baby getting back to normal. The prognosis is as good as I could hope for; he can return to full work as long as we do it slowly. I’m so relieved/excited to start working with him again. Of course, it’ll start with tedious hand-walks up and down hills, but eventually we’ll be arguing about collected trot again.