Preparing for Waredaca

by Equestriangradstudent

Abs had the last few days off due to a pulled shoe. Normally she would not have gotten a break, but the emergency shoe-fixing farrier has a broken hand.

My farriers travel four hours to shoe my horses, which is why I have an “emergency farrier.” He’s the farrier that Jess has been using for years, but I wanted to keep my own farriers. I haven’t had to use him yet, but it was good to know I had backup. It was even better knowing that I didn’t have to use it. Luckily my farriers amazingly nice and didn’t laugh when I asked them to drive all the way down here just to fix a shoe.

Back to the story…Abs went for a good few days without a shoe while I begged my farriers to make the trip three weeks early just to fix a shoe. At first, Kyle said he couldn’t do it, but when I kept begging he gave in. He also had to pull Avery’s hind shoes and trim him, so I argued that the trip wasn’t for just one horse. And somehow it worked out to not even be for just two horses…

It worked out quite well for them because they were able to do nine other horses. Bryan’s broken hand created more business for them, so the trip was worthwhile!

She now has all four shoes on, so we can get back to the business of preparing for Waredaca. We did dressage today, and it went surprisingly well. I expected some major resistance since she had time off, but there were only a couple of minor Abigail battles. Fitness aside, I’m feeling pretty confident. Really, I shouldn’t be worried about fitness at Novice, especially with this mare.

She was too fit for Chatt, so maybe this break will be an advantage. We have a lesson with Bonnie scheduled and a plan for each day until we leave. Here’s hoping we do better than dead last!