Big News

by Equestriangradstudent

But not yet. It may be superstition, but I’m afraid to post anything good right now. I hate to think I’m giving in to superstition. Either way, you’ll have to wait until tonight (or possibly tomorrow) for the big reveal.

It’s not exciting. Okay, part of it is exciting, but only due to the un-exciting stuff that happened before. Long story, which I may share in two parts depending on how this evening goes.

I’m not good at this vague shit, so I have no idea why I wanted to write this. Probably because I haven’t updated in a couple of days and I feared that I would never write the post I’m going to write tonight (or tomorrow). Not making much sense? Yeah, I’m with you there. I’m not entirely sure why I’m still writing.

Horses are stressful.

And yet I love them.