Culture Shock

by Equestriangradstudent

Jordyn and I are quite different. Age difference aside, we clearly come from different cultures.

We had to drive into town today to pick up some supplies for the farm. On the way there, Jordyn was very excited about something, texting nonstop and chattering incoherently. I figured it was about her beach plans for her day off tomorrow.

When we got into town, she immediately called Troy (her new boyfriend). Apparently he was supposed to meet us there.

I must have misjudged the kind of person she is, because seeing her talk to (and later about) her boyfriend was quite a shock. She was determined to make him do whatever she wanted as fast as he could. She got mad about the smallest things and threatened to dump him several times. When we finally headed back to the farm she ranted about how “his stupid ass” clearly didn’t love her and she would make him pay. She then laughed it off and explained that she was getting close to having him wrapped around her finger.

Now, I really don’t understand this kind of approach to relationships. She threatens to leave him in an attempt to keep him with her? I’d just leave. And why would you want to make someone you love “pay”? The logic just isn’t there. Maybe I’m missing some crucial female attribute that would help me understand this. If you have to resort to threats to keep a relationship together, it’s probably not worth it. Why the need for control like that? Can’t she just enjoy being with him? It blows my mind that so many people seem to think this kind of relationship is normal. Today was only the second time I had the pleasure of meeting Troy, so I really can’t judge the whole relationship. I’ve only seen her side. He was pretty quiet through the whole process.

As soon as she got that out of her system, she told me about her plans to go out clubbing tonight and proceeded to unbuckle, stand up in my truck and “twerk.” This was, until today, something that I had neither seen nor heard of. It involves a lot of ass shaking.

She is currently packing for her trip to the beach while intermittently popping out of her room to ask my opinion of various club outfits. I don’t think I’ve ever put that much effort into what I wear. But then, I don’t go clubbing.

Jordyn grew up in the city and has been going clubbing for a while. I wasn’t aware that teens could go clubbing, but she may have a fake ID. Or maybe teens can go clubbing. I really have no knowledge in that area.

We work well together and generally have fun hanging out after work, but we certainly wouldn’t be friends if we didn’t work together. Or live together. There’s a strong possibility that if we worked together but did not live together we couldn’t hang out. She’s certainly not the kind of person I usually hang out with. There’s nothing wrong with her, we’re just very different people.

People are different, I get that. I’m not judging or condemning her lifestyle, I just don’t understand it.

Maybe it is just the age difference.