Change the Bit

by Equestriangradstudent

Abs and I just finished a dressage lesson. She was surprisingly fantastic. Actually, she was the best she’s ever been for dressage. I was expecting an average or bad ride. She had a light weekend due to some major issues that I don’t have the energy to share at the moment. All you need to know right now is that her schedule has been compromised. Wednesday was our big cross country schooling day (which was AMAZING!), I lunged her on Thursday, Jess rode her on Friday, then she had Saturday, Sunday and Monday off. I try not to give her two days off in a row, and certainly not three. She had also had the Tuesday before cross country schooling off because that’s her normal day of rest.

After Jess rode her she decided that we should try a different bit. Today was the first day we got to test it out. We went with a Happy Mouth mullen mouth. She immediately came round and went quite nicely for about fifteen minutes, at which point she decided that it was far too much work for a princess like her. She threw her head up and her shoulder out and attempted to run sideways. With Jess’ help I stuck to my guns and she finally gave in. She went round again and we were able to work on lifting her back and shoulders. After a few good steps, we quit.

Maybe we won’t be dead last at Waredaca!

Oh, did I tell you that? We were dead last at Chatt because our dressage was appalling. Like 48.8 appalling.