The Working Students go to Church

by Equestriangradstudent

Because Jess is gone, our day looked to be a light one. We were able to feed at seven, I had two massages to give, a mane to pull and there were some general clean-up chores for the other working students.

Somehow, the gang ganged up on me and we wound up going to church. This was decided before Jess left. Had she not been there for the church discussion, I wouldn’t have gone. But when the boss says go to church, I don’t want to argue.

She and Jeremiah attend a church that’s a little over a half hour away. We must have passed twenty other churches on the way there, but Jeremiah told us this church was the best he’d ever been to (Jess didn’t go with us as by this time she was on the road to Pennsylvania). Jordyn and Savannah had already been once, while Jess and I were at Chattahoochee Hills last weekend.

After morning feed, we got cleaned up and dressed for church. Sounds simple, right? Somehow, the other working students managed to make it extremely complicated. I wasn’t allowed to wear jeans. I wasn’t allowed to wear chucks. I wasn’t allowed to just leave my hair down. I had to wear make-up. Each of these restrictions was somewhat problematic. I only have breeches, jeans and shorts. No skirts, slacks or dresses. I only have riding boots, muck boots and chucks. I can do three things with my hair: leave it down, put it in a ponytail or braid it loosely off to one side. I don’t own make-up. None of those things were acceptable. Jordyn loaned me a dress and Savannah did my hair, but neither of them wear the same shoe size as I do so I got to wear chucks. By the time they had coaxed me into a dress and done my hair, it was time to go which meant that I got out of wearing make-up!

As soon as we stepped out the door, I noticed that Jeremiah was wearing jeans. I voiced that observation. While Jeremiah said it was fine to wear jeans, the girls simultaneously objected, using the argument that only men wore jeans to church. When we got there, I noticed several women in jeans. Thanks, girls.

I’ve just realized that this post went nowhere near the actual content of the sermon, and there’s probably a good reason for that. While the church was welcoming, the sermon was very frustrating to listen to. I once again realized the reason I can’t stand church sermons.

You can never ask questions.