Update From a Hotel Room

by Equestriangradstudent

Yep, I’m in a hotel! Want to know why? Of course you do!

Abs and I have our first recognized event together (not each of our firsts, just our first as a team) tomorrow. I’m also grooming for my boss, who is running one horse in Intermediate and one in Novice. Abs and I are just doing Beginner Novice, with plans to move up to Novice until the fall, where we’ll hopefully fit in our qualifying Trainings so we can do Prelim in the Spring. This is so exciting! You know how I love to plan things out, right? Planning out my competition season is the best planning there is.

After settling in the horses, Jess rode her two and I rode mine. We just did a quick dressage school and loosened everything up. Abs was a bit tense and looky but overall much better than I expected. She actually softened and bent for the last half. It was wonderful! It’s the magic of the thighs.

The day starts early tomorrow, with Bug’s dressage at 8:12. That doesn’t seem too early, but count backwards to allow for all the prep work and we have a day that starts at 5:15. And any way you look at it, that’s early. Which means I should probably go to sleep.

Not that I’ll get any sleep. I’m too excited! Horse show horse show horse show!

…No, I am not twelve…