She’s German (Or: My Thighs)

by Equestriangradstudent

Although Abs acts like a bitchy little Thoroughbred, when the battle is on she’s as German as it gets.

The battle, in this context, is dressage. Dressage on Abs is always a fight, but yesterday we had a breakthrough.She wants to be held, which is a rather new concept to me. I don’t know if this is going to sound crazy to you, but after two years at the Manor (gah, I still owe you a review!), it sure sounded crazy to me. Because this holding I’m talking about is not just in the bridle. She wants to be held between my thighs. 

After spending the last two years hearing that your thighs have no place in riding, this is a HUGE challenge for me. I would probably give up if it didn’t work so well. When I use my thighs properly, she stays round. Sound crazy yet? ‘Cause it does to me. Who would think the solution was so simple? 

I struggled with this mare for just over two years and in one day the problem was fixed. Of course, one day does not mean it’s fixed entirely. I still have to be able to maintain this odd new way of riding. And Abs has to decide to not change her mind about this new thing that works so well. But that’s the sport, isn’t it? It wouldn’t be fun if the rules didn’t constantly change.

Recently, we here at the farm have been discussing how strange horse people are. Not just strange in a simple, definitive sense, but strange in how diverse we all are. The sport draws so many different people that the category of “equestrian” is a very hard one to define. We have here, for example, a somewhat nerdy introvert (myself), an extremely high-energy stressed ex-punk (my boss Jess), a very young black girl with an abnormally large amount of sass (Jordyn), an extreme redneck (Jess’ husband) and the most ditzy blonde you will ever meet (Savannah). We probably would have nothing to do with each other if not for the common bond of horses. Our outside interests are about as far apart as they can be, but we still spend all day every day together because we all love horses. Weird, huh?

Are other sports this diverse?