Rain, Rain, Go Away

by Equestriangradstudent

And don’t fucking come back. I hate rain. Have I mentioned that I hate rain? Okay, I don’t really hate rain, but I hate working in a downpour. I finally finished the chores so I came in to change and decided to update my blog!

Today is Jordyn’s day off. She’s the other working student here. I started the day at five am, with a light rain and morning chores. I then tacked up eight horses for my boss to ride, set fences so she could jump four of them, and rode my two. in the middle of my lesson on Avery, it started pouring. Ave stopped, put his head between his knees and walked to Jess. We decided to quit, as none of us were enjoying being poured on. After turning Ave back out, I had to clean Ellie’s stall because Jess wanted the baby (Twiggy!) to come back in from the rain. By the time I finished cleaning the seal, the rain had stopped, so I left Ellie and Twiggy out. I picked the other stalls to make my work easier in the evening, then went inside to change my clothes.

Fortuitously, by that time I was on my last chore, which was horse laundry. In the house. Which brings me to the present. Where I am writing this and waiting for laundry to wash. After the laundry is done, I just have evening feed. I’m free until five, woohoo!

I hope this is typical of alone days, because my last one was miserable. Alone days are what I’m calling the days that Jordyn has off. This one is going smoothly, which I quite enjoy. Tomorrow is my day off! I’m pretty excited. Maybe I’ll be able to sleep in. More importantly, I’ll have time to clean my tack and bathe Abs, because we have a show on Wednesday!

Obviously, being on a Wednesday, it’s a schooling show. But it’ll still be our first time out together. We’re just doing Beginner Novice, so no stress there. Apparently, though, I’m going to Chattahoochee Hills (they hosted the AECs for a bit) next month for our first recognized event. That should be interesting. I really am getting back out there, it’s kind of exciting! Unless we bomb the dressage. Oh lord, the dressage.

I have to post this before I freak out any more about stressage, but I want to leave with a request. I need a new name for my blog, because I am no longer at the Manor (thank Tofu!) so Life at the Manor is no longer fitting.