Curiouser and Curiouser

by Equestriangradstudent

My goodness, three nominations for the Liebster Award! Perhaps if I hadn’t put this off I wouldn’t have to answer so many questions. Fortunately this is my day off, so I have plenty of time. Here we go, down the rabbit hole…liebster

Thanks to Piaffe Girl, Gallops & Garlands and GreenBeans and Dressage Queens for the nominations! That’s a lot of questions to answer, so I’d best get started.

Eleven Random Facts About Me:

  1. I’m a vegetarian, but not because eating animals is wrong. I just can’t stand the texture of meat.
  2. I give every animal I meet several different nicknames. I’ve no idea why.
  3. I’m obsessed with Lewis Carroll.
  4. I have three tattoos, one of which is a Lewis Carroll quote.
  5. I can’t stand having nothing to do.
  6. I’m very bad at making small decisions.
  7. I own three times as many saddles as I do horses.
  8. I love to cook but I’m terrified of ovens.
  9. Sometimes I miss animals more than I miss people.
  10. I’m always the last person to hear about non-equestrian trends, and my friends make fun of me for it.
  11. I’m scared of permanency.

Questions from Piaffe Girl:

  1. What is your favorite non-horsey hobby? Reading. I could read all day. Any type of book. Except the Twilight series.
  2. What discipline do you ride? Eventing, primarily, but I grew up doing hunters and have done some pure dressage.
  3. Do you compete? Abso-frickin-lutely! I love showing, though I haven’t since I went to the manor because they didn’t allow students to compete. What nonsense.
  4. If you have a horse, what is his / her name and is there any special meaning to the name? Avery is my gelding. His name is actually a family name that means honesty. I don’t exactly remember why I chose it for him, other than that my trainer at the time wouldn’t let me call him Flea (he’s a fleabitten gray). Abs is my mare. She came with the name Abby, but my best friend is Abby and she didn’t want to share her name with a horse. So, thinking of the adorable gothic scientist from NCIS, I called her Abs.
  5. Do you come from a family of riders, or are you alone in your sport? I am alone. My babysitter was apparently to blame.
  6. What’s the strangest thing a non-horseperson has asked you about riding? Probably if I bought my whip from a sex store. That was an awkward conversation.
  7. If you could ride with any trainer in the world tomorrow, whom would you choose? Do they have to be alive? If not, Reiner Klimke. If they do, George Morris. He’s a mean old man, but he knows what he’s talking about. He would probably make me cry, though.
  8. Do you have any horse / riding-related superstitions? Nope, I’m superstition-free.
  9. Tall boots or paddocks and half-chaps? Tall boots all the way. I just got brown sparkly Derbys for my birthday!
  10. What’s the best horse event you’ve ever attended (either as a spectator or a rider)? That’s a battle. I’m still something of a hunter at heart and as such I’ll always love Devon, but volunteering at Rolex last year was pretty amazing. I’ll have to go with the year I went to Harrisburg, though. I was thirteen and had just met Anne Kursinski the week before. We went to watch her warm up this horse Escapade and got to help set fences. It was the most brilliant thing I’d ever done and I felt like a superstar standing in that warm up ring.
  11.  If your horse could talk, what’s the first thing he / she would tell you? Avery: “Hi mom, can I eat that thing in your hand?” Abs: “you’re NOT that good, stop being an idiot.”

Questions from Gallops & Garlands:

  1. Describe your first pony: Dappled gray Quarter Horse gelding, four years old and green broke when I got him. Apparently failed at western pleasure, I bought him to do hunters and ended up doing Pony Club until he started developing navicular changes.
  2. Favourite equestrian magazine? Practical Horseman, I guess. I don’t read as many as I used to, currently have zero subscriptions.
  3. What are the items of tack you use daily? Oh dear…this will be quite a list. Jump days: Devoucoux Chiberta saddle, Trilogy girth, Red Barn figure eight bridle with Equus Eventa reins (waterford dee ring for Waves, french link eggbutt for Abs), Woof boots. Dressage days: Avery–Albion SL saddle, Soft Touch girth, Passier bridle with dogbone eggbutt bit, Dover Sport boots. Abs–Albion SLK Ultima saddle, Soft Touch girth, Pink Equine bridle (light blue sparkly!) with double jointed copper roller eggbutt bit, Dover Sport boots.
  4. Do you leave your spurs on your boots? Definitely not.
  5. Stretch the legs when girthing up? Every time.
  6. Tie or Stock? Stock.
  7. What’s your favourite Olympic memory? McLain Ward and Sapphire blazing their own path by jumping decorations in the 2008 Olympics. I know, I’m young.
  8. What is your food choice on a horse show morning? Food at a horse show? You must be crazy, I’m too nervous to eat!
  9. Shavings or straw? Is sawdust an option? It’s so much easier.
  10. Favourite movement to ride? Depends on the horse, but the few times I’ve ridden passage it’s felt wonderful.
  11. Best breeches brand? Tailored Sportsman, hands down. Though I have become quite attached to my Goodfellows for dressage days.

Questions from GreenBeans and Dressage Queens:

  1. How did you get into horses ? When I was two, my babysitter had horses. She lived across the road and would take me over to see them. It progressed into riding lessons in exchange for barn work when I was old enough to help out.
  2. Why did you chose the discipline you did ? It was sort of by accident. I did Pony Club when I was younger because there really wasn’t anything else in my area and I wanted friends to ride with. Then, after a while with the hunters, I ended up boarding at an event barn when I was in college, so it seemed natural to pick it up again.
  3. If you had chosen another discipline, what would it be ? I would go back to the hunters in a heartbeat. I also love pure dressage. Really, I’m not a discipline snob. I’ve done quite a few other disciplines before.
  4. Do you have an idea of what you’d be doing if you didn’t ‘do’ horses ? I would have liked to be a writer if I hadn’t out all of my time into this, but this seemed like an equally unprofitable venture so here I am.
  5. Matchy matchy or whatever’s on top of the pile ? A bit of both. If I have time, I like to match. If not, eh.
  6. Boots or bandages and why ? Boots; they’re easier. Plus: sopping wet polos? Eww.
  7. Your proudest moment ? Oh boy, that’s tough. As petty as this may sound, it may have been beating an olympic rider in my first ever First Level dressage test.
  8. Tell us a little about your horse.. That’s not fair, I have two! Avery is the sweetest boy in the world. He’s probably the most willing horse I’ve ever worked with and I truly believe he loves me. I would do anything for him. Abs is a witchy little princess. She is constantly out to find my holes and prove me wrong. But more and more, there is a sweet side to her. Although we battle for head mare position constantly, I think she’s beginning to accept me as an equal.
  9. What made you pick that one over any others you saw ? In Avery’s case it was a trainer. I got on him to make a sale video and she decided that I had to buy him. Lucky for me I was able to trade, because I could not afford his price tag. Abs was a referrl through a friend, who neglected to mention that she was, in fact, a mare.
  10. Your riding goals ? Go to the Olympics! While that was my childhood dream, I’m realizing that it may not be as easy as I thought. Plus, I had always dreamed of going for Show Jumping. Some future goals include competing Abs at Advanced, solidifying Avery’s dressage so I can say he’s a fourth level horse instead of “he can do a working pirouette…that’s in fourth level!” and getting a place of my own to operate out of.
  11. Why do you blog ? Originally it started out as a way to vent since my best friend was graduating and leaving me at the most awful place I’ve ever been (it wasn’t that bad. But it was). Now it’s because I enjoy being able to write a little and keep track of how my life has changed. Ever read old things you’ve written? Crazy.

Now that we’re through the questions, here are my eleven nominees. I’m going to guess that this is a bit like no tag-backs, so I can’t nominate people who have nominated me. Otherwise I would. Anyway, here they are, in no particular order:

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And now, here are the eleven questions for my lovely nominees:

  1. What was your very first experience with horses?
  2. First horse you owned?
  3. Your current mount?
  4. Describe him/her in one word:
  5. The horse you learned the most from?
  6. Favorite saddle? Why?
  7. Piece of tack you couldn’t do without?
  8. Do you compete?
  9. Favorite horsey memory?
  10. Favorite non-horsey pastime?
  11. Goals for this year?

Finally…(this only took me all day!)


The Liebster Blog Award is a way to recognize blogs who have less than 200 followers.  Liebster is a German word that means beloved and valued.  Here are the rules for accepting the award:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog.
  2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
  4. Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate.
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