Officially Finished

by Equestriangradstudent

I turned in my keys yesterday after the show, which means that I’m officially done with the Manor. It was a rough final week, but I survived! I head to the new job on Tuesday. I’ve not seen my horses since I dropped them off on Wednesday and I miss them terribly. I walked past their empty stalls today.

Sam and I went to the barn to pack her trailer and clean Will up. She’s going to ride with Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel again over the school vacation this week. I wish I could go with her! Even though the day was a fairly routine show-prep (or in this case clinic-ish deal? What would you call that?), it felt sad. This was the last day we’ll spend together for quite some time. It’s weird to be leaving. I think the worst part is that she’s leaving (temporarily) before I move, so after we say goodbye I’ll have to hang out by myself for a few days.

It’s that much worse because everyone is away for break. I’ll be packing by my lonesome. I guess that should be more motivating, but it’s just sad. I hate packing. At least the boy isn’t going anywhere. But he is being stupid. Perhaps it’s the whole moving-away thing.

Ergh. This wasn’t meant to be a sad post. I probably shouldn’t write without an outline in mind.