It’s For Real

by Equestriangradstudent

I didn’t sleep at all the night before the drive, and still have not recovered from that. Bear with me, I might wander a bit due to extreme fatigue. My horses are safely at the new place. It’s a bit rough, but they’re outside! I’m back at the school to finish up my GA deal, but I’ll be down there with them soon.

Avery was turned out with the boys, Abs with the girls. It went better than I expected. Waves went out first. He walked up to the group (three OTTBs), they sniffed, he arched his neck and pawed, someone squealed, and then they ate grass. Pretty much what I thought would happen.

Abs was the one I was worried about. She can be a royal bitch, especially to new horses in new situations. I let her go and the mares (a group of four) immediately swarmed her. I glanced at my new boss and prepared myself for immediate separation and profuse apologies. Abs stood still while they sniffed her, then walked calmly away through a small gap and headed to the shared fence with the boys’ field.

My kids chatted over the fence line, Avery quietly telling his sister that he was in with strangers, Abs snapping at her brother and immediately apologizing when he would turn away. We watched for a bit, then headed back up to unpack the trailer.

I have a ton of stuff. Did I mention that? Let me say it again. I have a TON of stuff. It didn’t fit into the tack room. Not even close. I had to shorten my saddle rack and double stack saddles. I had to drape bridles across saddles with the girths and saddle pads. I had to put blankets and spare things (extra girths, bridles, saddle pads, boots, etc.) way away in plastic bins behind the barn. I miss my tack room!

Last night I got a note on Facebook from my new boss saying that Avery jumped the fence into the mares’ field. Not surprising, considering the way my kids were clinging to each other across the fence. At least he’s jumping from one field to another instead of out completely! Silly pony.

After all that, I’m pretty exhausted. I shall spend the time until I need to get ready for the awards ceremony browsing the internet for interesting horsey articles while simultaneously missing my ponies.