The Final Days

by Equestriangradstudent

My horses leave tomorrow…eep! I’m freaking out, not because they’re leaving (I’m driving down with them) but because it starts a whole new chapter in my life. My gods, I’m starting to put together a permanent future. No more bouncing around, no more jokes about not having a real job. I’m a grown-up now.

Of course, because things are coming together for the future, things are falling apart now. My horses are leaving at seven in the morning, and the vet just delivered the paperwork…minus the vaccination records. That’s okay, he can fax them and I’ll bring them down when I move next week. Let’s just check the coggins and health certificate…Avery is now a mare. What. The. HELL. It’ll probably be fine for interstate travel (let’s just hope we don’t get pulled over) but I definitely can’t show on that.

I managed to pack my entire tack room into the trailer. I was pretty impressed with that feat. Nate was helping me move the boxes, so when I had to stop packing to go teach he finished packing for me. What a good kid! Except, well, he packed some things that weren’t mine. I share a tack room with another instructor, Lizzy, and she has some trunks that look similar to mine. And Nate, trying to be helpful, packed those in the trailer before he left. So I had to unpack them when I finished teaching. What fun!

My goodness, I’ll be glad to get on the road. I’m getting up at five tomorrow to feed, groom and bubble wrap the ponies for their road trip. I’m so glad Nate and Kyle are going with me. I’d be lost without those boys.

Plus, I’ll need them to unpack all my tack when we get there!