Moving Out

by Equestriangradstudent

I’m not moving out yet, but I am getting close. I sold all of my furniture (minus the desk) and moved it out today. I’m at Becca’s right now, stealing her internet, because I just helped her move all of my furniture to her new house.

I’m going to be camping on my floor for the rest of the month, but that’s almost a relief. As much as I loved my bed (that mattress was perfect) it feels good to have it out of the apartment. It will be so much easier to pack everything because I have more space to spread everything out.

I’ve been finding things that I either forgot I had or gave up looking for. On one hand, it’s nice to finally know where everything is. On the other…well, I’ve got a lot of shit. I’m trying to cut everything down to what will fit in my truck.

That does not include tack. My horses are heading down a week before I officially start and I am cramming all of my tack into the trailer with them. I’m kind of hoping to sell some of the saddles beforehand, but I’m not completely committed to letting them go.

I officially start on June 5th. It’s good to have a concrete date, it forces me to get everything done. I don’t have any time to procrastinate that way. On that note, I’d best get to work! Have to sort through everything I’ve just found…