Childhood Heroes

by Equestriangradstudent

As a kid, I worshipped Anne Kursinski. Even though I heard of her after Starman’s time, but he has always been my favorite horse of hers. Just recently, two exciting things happened.

One: Starman got inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame. This just proves everything I’ve ever said about what an amazing horse he was.

Two: Anne posted a job opening for a show groom on Facebook. Hello, dream job! I would love a chance to work for one of my childhood heroes. I’ve been to a couple of clinics with her and got to tour her barn (and play jump crew for Hoffy) when I was younger. I even have a signed copy of her book!

I highly doubt that the position will still be open in June when this quarter finishes, so I’m facing a huge decision. Obviously it would be very bad form to quit mid-quarter, but a job with Anne Kursinski…that kind of outweighs every possible negative about quitting here, right? Oh boy, this is quite the situation to be in. Of course, there’s no guarantee that I would get the job, but I have to apply. I can’t let this chance go.