Good Day Sunshine

by Equestriangradstudent

What is it about nice weather that makes people more productive? I have a general idea, of course, but I’ve never fully understood why I always get more done on the nice days. Sometimes I question the logic: if it’s warm and sunny, wouldn’t it be more fun to lay out with a book than clean my apartment? But more often than not at the first sight of sun I’m cleaning like a madwoman.

Today the cleaning energy was focused on my tack room. I cleaned every piece of leather in the place (well, on my side. I do share it with Lizzy and know nothing about cleaning western tack. The leather feels quite different). Metal and plastic, too. Now I just need to wash the pads and polos and everything will be clean! Of course, washing horse clothing is quite challenging in this area. Every laundromat around has signs protesting “pet laundry.” Oh well, I guess that’s how I’ll get my sunshine. Bob, my landlord, lets up set up in the yard with the hose, buckets and scrub brushes to clean our horse laundry. It works, but it’s not the easiest method. Oh well, a little hard work never killed anyone.

Did it?