The Braless Nightmares Continue

by Equestriangradstudent

Remember my student who refused to wear a bra? I would love to say that she’s the only (female) student who hangs free, but unfortunately it’s just not true.

I’ve been checking kids in for feed over spring break since Saturday. I only noticed today that one of them does not wear a bra. In my defense, the weather has been rather awful and this afternoon was the first time it’s been above jacket-wearing temperatures. Stephanie showed up in a t-shirt, breasts swinging free underneath. I’m not sure if I noticed because Emily was still tucked in the back of my mind or if it was just that blatantly in my face, but either way it was unavoidably there. I didn’t say anything, just checked her in and waited for the next student to show up. Why did I have to notice that? I do NOT enjoy noticing things like that.

What possible reason could someone have for not wearing a bra? Please note that I am making some basic assumptions about this “someone.” Like the need for a bra. Because obviously there are people who do not need to wear a bra. But for those who do, what possible reason could you have for not wearing one? I can’t imagine not wearing one when I’m doing anything active.

Granted, this student wasn’t riding, just feeding the horses. But even then, I wouldn’t want my breasts swinging around as I carried hay bales and filled water buckets. It can’t be comfortable. I couldn’t even handle a less supportive sports bra (when I cracked my ribs I had to downgrade because my favorite sports bra made my ribs hurt. The bouncing was extremely distracting). Regardless of comfort, bras provide necessary support. I’m only making this argument here because I can’t make it to the students. There are, of course, times when bras are unnecessary and even unwanted. But those times are definitely not in public.

Of course, the two students who do not wear bras (two that I’ve noticed, there could be dozens! Aah, nightmares!) are quite impossible to argue with. Emily, as I wrote earlier, just says that she’s a hipster and then refuses to communicate further. Stephanie, the student feeding, is just plain scary. I can’t imagine bringing it up to her because I’ve seen how other conversations with her have gone. Really, though, a missing bra is probably the least concerning thing about her. Number one is probably the fact that she hasn’t showered since I’ve known her. She also never washes her clothes. And she’s incredibly defensive. So all in all, not worth trying to talk to.

I can’t think about this anymore, it’s making my head hurt. Also, Sam just came home and put Doctor Who on. Bye!