Lazy Dogs

by Equestriangradstudent

I felt horribly sick when I woke up this morning but still managed to drag myself to campus to check in the students for feed. I desperately wanted to go back to bed, but wasn’t sure if the dogs would let me.

I clearly misjudged them. As soon as I got back they were trying to jump on the bed (they’re too small to actually jump ON the bed, though Tofu tried her little heart out). I lifted them up, climbed in after them and slept for another three hours. It was much needed, apparently, because I usually can’t fall back asleep once I’ve been up.

I’ve really not done much today. I checked in the feeders for morning and noon, slept, watched Doctor Who and quietly protested the weather. It’s snowing! In Spring! I thought I was far enough south that this wouldn’t happen. Apparently I was wrong. What happened to that beautiful day we just had? Can it please come back to stay?

Though I suppose I’d rather be sick on a snowy day than a sunny one.

Random side note, I’m watching Religulous right now and it’s fantastic.