Animals Everywhere

by Equestriangradstudent

Today is the first day of spring break. How did I spend it? Taking care of goats. And dogs. And horses. And myself. Because, with the worst possible timing, I’ve caught a cold. But it was a beautiful day, and actually felt like Spring! I’m pretty damn tired  now, though.

My day started earlier than my normal during-the-school-term days. Fortunately for me, everyone showed up to feed the horses (for all three feeds, too! Good students, good!) so I was able to head over to Nancy’s to milk her goats at 6:30. She has four goats that need milking and five babies that need to be bottle fed. I let her dogs out while I was taking care of the goats, which was easy enough. There are three of them, plus an ancient Basset Hound that belongs to Kelly.

Sam popped in on me while I was milking to say goodbye. I’m watching her dogs as well. That is by far the easiest task I have. It mostly involves curling up on the couch with them and watching Doctor Who. I quite enjoy watching Sam’s dogs.

I’m also in charge of Jenny’s dog, Scrappy. for the week. The poor guy is on medication for allergies, so I have to shove pills down his throat twice a day. He’s a pretty good dog and he gets along with Sam’s girls so he got to watch some Doctor Who with us in between events.

I’m thinking that this break will go much more smoothly than the last. Even though I’ll be up every day at six, I think it’ll be a fairly easy week. I might even ride my ponies this time ’round!

Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx myself.