Going Bra-less

by Equestriangradstudent

Happy first day of spring! Today we had ice, snow and temperatures below 20. It was fantastic. I especially enjoyed teaching my jump class because I got to walk around outside with them!

Okay, I just can’t keep it going. I hate trying to be positive about things that are less than thrilling. I’m definitely getting a cold, which makes everything more miserable. It does give me more time, though, because I decided to skip going to the gym tonight due to my inability to breathe. But time to update this thing, yay!

I have some choice stories to share, but one in particular has my mind completely trapped. I will share it with you in an attempt to expel it from my mind.

One of my students refuses to wear a bra. Refuses. She’s not flat chested. She’s not even a small girl. She’s a hefty girl, with big breasts. How do I know? They swing freely as she rides. I can’t get over it. I’ve tried to talk to her about it. I’ve talked about the damage it causes to the tissue, the strain it puts on her back, how annoying and painful it must be in general. All she responded with was, “I’m a hipster.”

Sorry, what? I’m fairly certain that’s not how anyone would describe her. In fact, Jenny described her as “dumpy.” She’s a bigger girl, with somewhat large breasts. Which she sees no reason to contain.

That little argument is driving me crazy. First, fix your logic! “I’m a hipster, therefore I don’t wear a bra” does not seem logical to me. Second, you’re a freaking athlete! Try to dress the part. I want to tell her that a bra is part of the required equipment for class, but I’m not sure I’m allowed to say that. It’s not like a helmet, which is an absolute requirement. I guess it would fall under professional appearance, along with wearing gloves and tucking your shirt in. But it seems like it should be more than that. I mean, it’s fucking distracting.

The lack of a bra is not the only frustrating thing about this student. Her attitude is terrible. She doesn’t complain about things, but she won’t participate in anything. That plus the bra deal is making me hate her.

Oh my god the bra! It’s going to give me nightmares! Well, I should say lack of bra, because that’s what’s flipping me out. I can’t imagine riding without a bra. I can’t even imagine going through daily life without a bra. I really can’t let this go. It’s going to haunt me. It doesn’t even matter that next week is spring break because all I can think about are my student’s flapping breasts!

I’ll leave you with that pleasant image.