Make It Quick

by Equestriangradstudent

Here’s a quick Wednesday update: I have no time for anything.

My schedule still isn’t sorted, I don’t have time to ride both of my horses (forget Annie, I definitely won’t be able to fit her in), I don’t have time to eat and now I might not even be allowed to compete. Which is one of the biggest reasons I stayed here. I wanted to be able to compete for a summer before looking for a proper job so I have a recent record to show potential employers.

Everything is falling apart around me. My schedule seems to change daily. That’s probably the most frustrating thing. If I knew that my schedule wouldn’t change I could figure out when I can ride, which would immediately make me less stressed.

I’m getting a cold. I hate getting sick, but the stress is crashing my immune system. This hectic schedule is interfering with my sleep. Oh, and my social life, but let’s not even start with that. Apparently I’m not supposed to have a social life anyway.

With that, I must say good-bye, as I have to teach in fifteen minutes. Yay!