Again With the Schedule Problems

by Equestriangradstudent

Yes, I do suck at updating this thing. I’ve been way too stressed and busy, though I do have quite a bit of material to use. I’ll try to get back in the once a day habit, because it helps me to get all of these angry thoughts out.

My schedule has changed twice since I got it last week. I’m getting pretty stressed now because I already planned a good few things around that first schedule I was handed.

To be fair, the first change was one that I made. I found an open arena at five for my training class instead of having it at six. That was easy to do and my students were quite happy about it. I could keep going to the gym with Sam because we were once again done teaching at the same time. Then came Kelly, destroyer of plans…

Somehow Nancy misjudged the incoming students during evals and put some students in groups above their abilities. No surprise there, but that meant that they had to split a class in half. I got the weaker students. At five, in the only open arena. That wasn’t open anymore, because I moved my training class there. But Kelly didn’t care. She made me move the training class back, even though there’s an open arena at four that my jumping class could easily use. It would be better for them because it has poles and standards in it already and it’s a better shape. The arena she assigned us is a western arena, with no poles and a long, skinny shape. Not working out so well.

I asked my students about changing the time and they would much rather ride at four. I asked the other instructors if anyone needed that arena and they all said no. But Kelly won’t let me move the class. So now I have to be on campus from eight am to seven pm. And I have to go to the gym by myself.

There has got to be a better  way to organize things.