Enter Springtime

by Equestriangradstudent

Today was registration day for the Spring Quarter students. I’ve been moving horses in all weekend. Some of the owners are reasonable, others are not. I prefer dealing with professional shippers because they just want to drop the horse off, get a signature and leave. When owners truck their own horses in, nothing goes smoothly. They can’t get their horses off the trailer, they get stuck trying to back in somewhere I told them not to go, they forget paperwork. Things that professional shippers NEVER do. My god, people, just ship your horses!

The biggest problem this quarter was communication. Kristen apparently neglected to tell people that they should call me before bringing their horses in. All of the shippers got in touch when they picked up the horses and again when they were getting close to the school. I knew exactly what to expect and was able to set up the stalls before the horses arrived. The owners just showed up. I got a text on Friday night that said “my horse is here where are u kristen said ud be here.” I was at a party. I had to leave the party to settle this horse in. Had I known I was supposed to meet a horse, I wouldn’t have gone to the party. I had to apologize for keeping them waiting because Kristen didn’t do her job.

She makes me furious. She promises these kids everything to get them to come to school here, and everyone else has to deal with the aftermath. She constantly tells kids that they don’t need to buy any tack because they can borrow whatever they need. Today, she told a girl that she doesn’t need a helmet because she can borrow one. Seriously? How can you plan to be a professional horse trainer and not own a helmet?

Yesterday I had to move someone’s things from one room to another because Kristen told her she didn’t have to move her stuff. The girl went home for the weekend because Kristen told her she didn’t have to move her stuff! If you request a single room and get it, why would you not move your stuff into it? She hadn’t even packed. The entire room was still set up: things on shelves, in drawers. There were dirty clothes on the floor! We were lucky that the roommate had already moved out because we wouldn’t have been able to tell which things we were taking otherwise. As Rebecca and I were packing this girl’s shit to move it, Kristen was standing in the door telling us to be careful to not damage anything. She didn’t want us to put things in boxes because something might get crushed. I’m sorry, this is not my job. I’m not a moving company, I’m not a cleaning company. I do not clean up other people’s shit because they felt like taking a vacation. If something breaks or gets wrinkled, too fucking bad. I wasn’t about to carry all of her shit to her new room one piece at a time because something might get crushed.

Today was a bit easier because I just had to meet incoming horses and move tack trunks into the barns. It was mainly a lot of pointing and guiding with minimal lifting when someone needed help. I didn’t mind that because it got me out of the office. I couldn’t stand listening to Kristen talk to the new students.

Tomorrow starts the orientation schedule. Three days of meetings, yay! I just want to get back into a normal schedule and start getting ready for the show season.