Happiness Is…

by Equestriangradstudent

“…a word for amateurs.” Never heard that song? It’s pretty fantastic. It’s by the Violent Femmes, you should check it out.

That has almost no relevance to my post today, but once I typed “Happiness” into the title box I just had to take it there. I want to write about Studly because he’s an adorable little horse and my time with him is almost up.

I worked with him for the Training One class, so there were some pretty strict rules I had to follow. I was only allowed to work with him in front of the students. The class only met four days a week. He lives in a stall and only gets out when I take him out.  Until today, that was only one hour a day, four days a week. I wasn’t allowed to turn him out, I just had to put him straight to work. Can you imagine how hard that is for a two year old? Since classes ended yesterday I no longer have to follow those rules. In fact, Jen asked me to get him out every day between now and the new quarter. I’ve got a week on my own with the little guy. I hope I can use that time to repair some of the damage I did in Ron’s class.

Today I just let him play. I turned him loose in the arena and sat on the mounting block. He trotted around, keeping me in his sight. When he realized I wasn’t really paying attention to him, he began to do his own thing. He wandered around, found the perfect spot and proceeded to roll several times. When he stood up, he shook himself off and went for a sprint around the arena. It was fun to watch. He’s a pretty athletic pony, but I guess that’s what good breeding gets you. He has some moves, and watching him play made me feel like less of an idiot for falling off of him.

Eventually he got bored and he came in to see what I was doing. I was thrilled because honestly I expected him to ignore me. I wouldn’t want to stand with the person who had been hurting me for the past few weeks. Maybe he remembered what we used to do, or maybe he knew I wasn’t choosing to hurt him. Who knows? Either way, it made me so happy that he wanted to hang out with me. I scratched him and watched him make itchy faces for a bit, then we walked around together for a bit before I clipped him up and took him back to the stall.

He was far less nervous than he has been about undressing. Of course, there was less equipment to take off so that could have been the reason, but I like to think he’s starting to trust me again. I have the rest of the week to keep building on this, so hopefully he’ll come around by the new quarter. I’m not sure who will get him next, but i hope they have patience. He’s a great horse and I feel terrible for giving him such a rough start.