It’s the Freakin’ Weekend

by Equestriangradstudent

My helmets finally arrived Thursday night, so I was able to ride today. Fridays always drag on as I wait for the weekend to arrive, but this one was pretty good. I didn’t work Studly because the Training One students were taking their final, so I got to sleep in a bit. The maintenance men fixed the lights in my tack room, which means I can finally see and am not guessing as I reach for equipment anymore. I rode both of my horses and had great rides. I looked sharp doing it, too, because of my snazzy new hunt cap.

I had to replace both my skullcap and my hunt cap. I went with silver for the former and gray for the latter, and I’ve got to say, they look damn good. Even though I was not thrilled to find myself in need of replacements, I quite like the new ones. I’ll be stylin’ this show season!

It was nice to finally ride again. Both Avery and Abs gave me some excellent work, though Avery was far less willing than his sister. Abs and I were able to work on our balance through corners after coming off of fences. We had some nice moments. She’s finally staying together in the canter instead of flattening and flinging herself at the jumps. Ave and I worked canter half-pass, which is apparently much easier than my original plan of simple changes. He has auto changes from his days as a hunter, so whenever he gets the chance he throws them in to our session. I started out trying to transition and get the simple change, then aimed for counter-canter, and finally gave in and went for half-pass into the changes, which helped with the air-time. I couldn’t half-halt as well as I wanted to because I’m still fairly sore from my rides on Studly and Avery definitely took advantage of that.

This weekend should be a quiet one. I have yet to really have a peaceful weekend. Whenever I plan one, something comes up and I end up doing more than I’d like. This weekend, however, I planned to do more and those plans fell through. I’m a bit sad but also very relieved to have the down time. Next week will also be easier, as normal classes only run on Monday and Tuesday. I’ll have close to nothing to do on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I’m pretty stoked about that.

So all in all, not much to write about but I’m making an effort to get back into a routine with this thing. Wish me luck!