Weather to Ride

by Equestriangradstudent

Oh yeah, I feel clever with that title.

My grooms decided last night that they did not want to ride in the cold weather we’ve been having. We all agreed to do a lesson on the bucking machine. This sounds stranger than it is. It’s just a mechanical bull that we strap a saddle on backwards. It’s supposed to simulate the canter of a 20-hand horse.

I didn’t do very much teaching because they just wanted to goof around, turning it on and off and spinning it in different directions. I made a few comments here and there but mostly stayed quiet and watched as they tried to outdo each other.

Yesterday was also too cold to ride, so classes were cancelled. The school cancels riding and training classes when the temperature drops below 15 degrees. The students all met for theory class to make up missing their riding classes. I had nothing to do, so I ran errands and cleaned my apartment. Cold weather here makes me more productive, because I finally have time to run errands when everything is still open. Yay me, I got things done!

In other news, I’ve been working on something that I hope to post soon. It’s far longer and more thought out than what I usually post, but I hope you guys will appreciate it. It’s shaping up into more of an article than a snippy little update, which I’m kind of enjoying.