Homework Night

by Equestriangradstudent

The next question for Sam’s philosophy class has been up for a couple of days. We just answered it, this time before reading other students’ responses. I got my philosophy cap on and wrote a nice piece about the subjectivity of religious experience, Sam approved it and we posted it. Then we read the responses. Part of the homework is replying to the posts other students write. This is far more challenging than it sounds. Most of the other students have no actual understanding of how philosophy works. You don’t answer the questions like this:

The idea that anyone would base an experience of God, subjective interpretation is not really far fetched.

I’m sorry, what? Do you know what grammar is? Could you try to use it?

People dream about places that they have never been to before and the reason they know that this is where they are is because they saw the place they way they maybe had imagined it looked at a previous time or in a way they saw it looked in a magazine. Having said that, I have read accounts of people claiming to have experienced God and some of these people were born blind.

Again…what? Can you tell me what this has to do with the subjectivity of religious experience? After I struggled through a good few posts like this, I finally found a couple that were worth responding to.

Unfortunately, Ronnie has yet to answer this week’s question, so I don’t have his choice material to share with you. Oh well, this way you’re getting a good feel for the entire class, not just one lone religious loon. There seem to be some people capable of real thought, but the majority are of the Ronnie persuasion. It’s unfortunate, because these people are too wrapped up in their beliefs to contribute to a meaningful discussion. They believe one thing and that one thing doesn’t need explanation. Sad, really, because it would be so powerful if these people could see beyond their beliefs enough to coherently explain them and understand the reasons they hold them.

All I wanted was some thought-provoking discussions! Damnit, that shouldn’t be too much to ask.