by Equestriangradstudent

Sam is taking an online class in order to finish her bachelor’s degree. It’s not an online degree deal, it’s just an online class offered through the local university. Really, she’s taking a few classes but I only want to talk about one. That one is Philosophy of Religion. Having taken a fair amount of philosophy classes to get my bachelor’s degree, I agreed to help her with the class. Which translates into doing all of her homework. I enjoy it, though. I miss real, honest debates about more intellectual things than beer or football. I thought this class would be a chance to have those discussions again. I was wrong.

In most upper-level philosophy classes the students have some basic understanding of how to interpret and discuss the material they have to read. That is not the case for this class. After having participated in the first week’s discussion, I can safely say that most of the students took this class believing it would be filled with Christians who wanted to talk about Christ, God and the path to salvation. One student is particularly stuck in this mindset. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Ronnie:

I am not sure what you mean by reaching one’s higher self. There is no such thing while in the flesh. The only salvation is handing your sinful nature over to GOD and asking forgiveness. You will be forgiven and become a saint in GOD’S family but you will not be “Sainted” The only good in you is GOD himself and HE is the only reason you won’t go to Hell when your body is done here on earth.

This was a response to another student’s answer to the weekly question, which was regarding the difference between religiosity and spirituality and the definition of religion. Please note that the caps are all his. Ronnie had some choice responses to others’ posts, either condemning people to hell or applauding them for being good Christians. This, to me, is not good philosophizing. unfortunately, he’s not the oddball of the class in his thinking. He is, however, the loudest. Sam keeps reminding me that this is the norm for people who would sign up for online classes at this university. What is the world coming to? Doesn’t anyone appreciate a good philosophical debate anymore?