Waiting for a Decision

by Equestriangradstudent

I decided to reapply for the graduate assistant position for another term. The application was due last week. Everything at this school is annoyingly vague, especially deadlines. The application being due last week meant any time before the office closed on Friday, but I’m sure I could have figured out a way around that if I really tried. I didn’t. I turned it in on Wednesday morning, hoping I would get a reply right after the staff meeting. The first time I applied I turned the application in on Monday morning and heard back right after the Wednesday staff meeting. I figured that the second time around they wouldn’t need time to actually read the application because they knew me already. I guess I figured incorrectly. Apparently they acknowledged my application in the staff meeting but did not make a decision because everyone had not had a chance to carefully read it yet. So I have to wait until next Wednesday to find out. I hate waiting.

One of the worst parts is knowing that if I don’t end up staying, that’s one less week that I’ll have to find a job and get everything together to move myself and two horses. Stress, I did not miss you.