How to use Facebook

by Equestriangradstudent

Okay, so there’s really no rules about how to use Facebook, but there are definitely things that you shouldn’t do. Of course there are the basic, common sense things like avoiding self incrimination or even just things that will get you in trouble with your parents or boss. After that pretty much anything is okay, right?

Wrong. Let me explain some basic things to avoid. Mostly because they annoy the fuck out of me. And probably other people, too. (I would like to take this moment to inform you that all of these godawful misuses were committed by a some of the wonderful students who go to my school. Just in case you were wondering about the calibre of my friends. They are not my friends, they are in the Current Student group, which is used to update everyone about the goings-on here.)

While I don’t care what you post on your personal page, I very much care when I get notifications because you’re too damn stupid to check the weather. The Current Students group is not a place to whine about “stolen” notebooks. Or to tell the world that you’re not coming to class because you feel sick. Are you really that stupid? Maybe you just don’t have any friends and feel the need to share EVERYTHING with EVERYONE. Let me tell you a secret: we don’t care. Go be sick on your own. See you when you get better. Or not. Because we don’t care. If you have an important announcement that the whole school needs to hear, go right ahead and post in the group. If you want to go rollerskating but don’t have friends, don’t try to get everyone in the group to go with you. Not only do you annoy the fuck out of me, but you make yourself look pathetic.

I’m now going to share a few gems from this group so that you may share in my pain. Copying and pasting because I’m too lazy to do the whole screenshot and edit out names thing.

Laura: Does anybody know what the tempeture during the day is suppose to be tm

Tena: My phone says….37F

Tena: and windy

Laura: perfect blankets can stay on tm

Jesse: Blankets will most likely be staying on all week

Laura: perfect

Sam: try, Laura.

At least Sam said something, I just stared at the page wondering why she thought it was reasonable to ask about the weather. That’s just one example of the idiotic things that I have to see in this group. It was a great idea and there are some important notices that people post, when shit like this happens…no. This is completely irrelevant to the group. I wish there was some sort of filter for it.

Well, there it is. My random, happy, Sunday thought on the stupidity I see all around me.