Good Grooms

by Equestriangradstudent

Only two of my grooms showed up for the lesson today. I’m a bit sad but it is much easier to teach two than six. I do feel a bit guilty because they all work hard for me. I’m nicer than most of the instructors, letting them pick the time and even offering to reschedule but I’ve still not had a lesson with all of them there. Oh, well. Less work for me I suppose.

I can’t remember if I’ve explained this already, so if I have forgive me. If not, listen (read?) up. As a graduate assistant I can have students groom for me so I don’t have to turnout, tack up, untack, clean tack, massage my horses…really anything I don’t want to do I can get a groom for. One of my grooms even helps me clean my apartment on occasion. In exchange for the work they do I give them lessons on the weekend. The horses I use are selected from the leftovers of the already tiny group of horses allowed to go in groom lessons. Once the real instructors choose the horses for their grooms, I choose mine. Quite often I end up using my own personal horses for my grooms to ride because there are no other choices. Fortunately, most of my grooms are capable riders. I was worried initially that I would get really weak grooms but most of my friends decided it would be fun to groom for me. I got lucky. Other instructors did not.

One of my grooms, Jo, is actually going to be using my gelding in the school show and I’m pretty excited. She does a good job with him, and I’m happy to pair them up in the groom lesson so I can help coach her. She’s planning to ride a First Level test with him. On a good day he’s easily schooling well above that, and I’ve had a lot of fun with all of his buttons. On a bad day…well, lead changes are fun, right? And galloping? Yes, let’s combine those, with some rollbacks for added entertainment… Jo has been though some of the bad days and still wants to ride him so I can’t help but like her for it. I’ve been drilling her on some of the test movements and it’s exciting to see things start to come through more consistently for her. She was one of my grooms who made an appearance today.

The other was Angie. Angie is a darling and oh-so-amusing. She’s not as strong of a rider but I trust her handling skills. I’ve secured a very fat pony for her to ride each weekend and together they make everything fun. She wanted to work on her position, which this pony is perfect for.