Tissue Mountain

by Equestriangradstudent

Yep, I’ve got a cold. A bad one. A routine-destroying one. One that leaves a huge mountain of tissues in its wake. 

I hate colds, as I’m sure most people do. The worst part isn’t the non-stop mucus-fest, the knock-me-off-my-feet cough or the headache that interferes with clear thinking. It’s the inability to just do what I’m supposed to do. I can’t wake up early enough to go to the gym before work because I can’t sleep. I can’t ride because I can’t catch my breath. I can’t…wait, no, that one I can’t get out of. Damn. I still have to work Studly, which should be exciting.

We’re at a tricky point in the process because we’ve started mounting work. I have an assistant now because I can’t be on the ground and in the saddle at the same time. Jo, a student here, is helping me with the ground work. I picked her because I trust her skill and timing, but more importantly we get on outside of school. I wouldn’t want to work with someone I didn’t like because I’m sure Studly would notice the tension between us. He’s a pretty sensitive little dude. Anyway, he’s still getting used to Jo, so it takes everything I’ve got to keep things progressing smoothly. I wouldn’t be as concerned if I didn’t have an audience of thirty-two new students and the president of the school. 

Needless to say, a cold is not what I need right now. I could barely do the one office chore I had today, so I can just imagine what will happen in the arena tomorrow. Okay, let’s swing a leg over. Wait, no, I’ve got to blow my nose first. Please don’t spook as I cough up a lung. I can’t wait!