Big Decisions

by Equestriangradstudent

This week is the deadline to apply for the GA position for next quarter, so I have to decide if I want to stay. Right now. I’m updating my resume and cover letter, but I’m still unsure. I talked to Kelly and they are changing the way they handle break feeds, so it wouldn’t be as disorganized. And Sam is right, now that I’ve had a week back in my normal routine, it doesn’t seem so bad here. I know exactly where I need to be when, I’ve got a fan group (because doing Training 1 automatically makes you the most popular person on campus), and I don’t have to clean stalls. So yeah, I guess I’m pretty comfortable.

My original plan was to stay for two quarters because it’s far easier to find a job in the summer. So what do I do? I’ve got a pretty good deal here because I don’t have to pay to keep my horses and I’m guaranteed weekends off, so should I just stick it out for another quarter? I’ve been looking on yardandgroom and proequinegrooms and checking the websites of my favorite riders for working student positions but there’s nothing great available at the end of February.

I should also apologize for not posting anything new for over a week. I’ve been too damn tired to even look at my computer, which is a poor excuse. Really, I’ve been more tired than angry so I’ve had nothing important to vent about.