She was never taught house manners.

by Equestriangradstudent

This break has been a disaster. You might’ve picked that up from my earlier rants posts. It’s getting to that critical point right now when something has to change. Not only is Sam (the idiot who agreed to feed over break, not awesome Sam) complaining to EVERYONE EXCEPT ME about needing help feeding the horses, but that extra dog I got stuck watching? Yeah, she’s not housebroken. Which the owner didn’t tell me. I wasn’t even asked to watch her. I showed up to get Scrappy and there she was, with a note on how to care for her. Which said nothing about the fact that if you leave her alone for three hours to take care of horses, SHE WILL SHIT ON THE TABLE. I kid you not, I got back to let them out and there it was, right next to the note about her. I held it together, did a quick clean-up and covered the place with puppy pads. 

When I made it back to (awesome) Sam’s apartment, the Chihuahuas greeted me happily and did their business outside. I couldn’t help praising them. Sat down on the couch to watch something on Netflix and it wouldn’t load. Yep, I definitely cried. That tiny thing put me over the edge.

Now, having calmed down a little, I am off to bed. Because I get to wake up early to help this goddamn idiot feed a hundred and fifty horses. Even though he WON’T ASK FOR MY HELP.