Family Time?

by Equestriangradstudent

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m spending it with dogs. Granted, they’re pretty cute dogs, but still. I’m trying to decide how to handle tomorrow. Choices so far: stay on couch all day with dogs and Christmas movies, clean stalls and ride horses then curl up with dogs and Christmas movies, Skype with family and watch them open presents (least likely choice, who wants to do that on Christmas!), spend Christmas with the students who are stuck here feeding the horses. None sounds particularly enthralling, but I’ll probably going with choice number one. It’s easiest. I wanted a day away from the barn, and (especially considering the fact that the students aren’t required to clean stalls on weekends) one day without cleaning stalls won’t kill the ponies.

I have yet to delve into the Christmas movies on Netflix, choosing instead to browse until I find the most random, odd sounding things possible. The Sci-Fi section has been particularly fruitful, although I haven’t yet committed to watching anything from it. I did watch How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, South Park, The Adventures of Tintin and The Great Mouse Detective. One particularly golden find was the original 1936 Reefer Madness, which I had never seen. I own the remake, a hilarious musical version, but had never been tempted to watch the black-and-white serious warning film about the dangers of “marihuana.” But it was pretty funny. I’m sure it wasn’t meant to be…oh well. I’m currently flipping through the Children & Family section debating whether I want Sam and Jeff to know that I watched Tinker Bell (it’s their account, part of the deal for watching the dogs). Of course, if Sam reads this she’ll know, but Jeff usually has a comment to make about my movie selections. Oh well, I’m bored.

I actually decided on the Rugrats Movie, in case you were wondering. Yay boredom!