Wait, isn’t this a vacation?

by Equestriangradstudent

No, no it is not. Who said it was? Oh, you know, EVERYONE. Fuck everyone. Everyone is wrong. I get no time off (but I do get to cuddle with two adorable little dogs! Eeee!). I still spent the majority of my day at the barn. It was freezing, muddy/slushy/gross and damn lonely. I wish I could take a day away from the barn. That’s the whole point if a vacation, isn’t it?

The best part of being at the barn is the people who are there with you. Right? Yeah, the barn crew is the best! Well, not here, because most of the students aren’t quite normal (normal here meaning “fun to be around” and “able to interact with other humans”), but at every other barn in the world. The barn crew that is usually here, for the sake of this story, is the instructors. And they’re not here. So I slog through the mud and take care of horses alone. At least there are other people feeding. Because I’m pretty sure I would quit if I had to do that.

Yeah, I’m pretty angry right now. Stressed, tired, annoyed. Whatever. It’s not a state I want to be in on my vacation. At least I talked my mum out of coming to visit for Christmas. That would have put me over the edge.

I’ve also had a headache for the last five days.