by Equestriangradstudent

I’m a huge fan of music. I used to play instruments, but the horses have taken my attention and even though I own a very nice bass guitar I haven’t played it in a few years now. But I listen to music every chance I get. I especially like riding to music (I said something about this is an earlier post, I believe…I’ll have to figure out how to link posts here so you don’t have to search every time I make vague references to past writings). I couldn’t begin to pick favorites in anything (genres, artists, songs) but I have noticed trends in my musical tastes. I tend to get into a band or type of music for a while and not listen to anything else, then move on to the next genre/band until I wear them out.

The reason I’m writing about this is that I just found my old iPod, which was loaded with music from the computer that crashed while I was at college. I have another iPod with music from a different phase (Robbie Williams mostly, because he is a god!) but I can’t seem to find that one now. But it’s okay, because I have that music on this computer. Here I go, wandering off-topic again.

My initial motivation for writing this, as the title hopefully suggests, was to talk about the shuffle feature on an iPod and things related to it. I once read an article, when iPods were a hot new thing and everyone wanted one, about judging a person’s personality by the first five songs that came up in someone’s shuffle. So, here are the first five that came up on my old iPod. Judge as you will, but know that I was quite excited to hear them. I hadn’t listened to this one in a good while (I lost it…in the electronics drawer. Blonde? Why yes, I am). Most embarrassingly, I happily sang along with each of these songs. Who could hear me? Only the horses were around, and they wouldn’t judge.

Get Happy by Bowling For Soup

She packed her shit and she left for the city/On the eight ten train and I still can’t believe it

Oh! by Eric Hutchinson

I picked a pocket just to give it all back/Took out the license, left the money intact/The man said “I wanna thank you” and I had to ask why/”That was the old me, I was living a lie”

Missed The Boat by Modest Mouse

While we’re on the subject/Could we change the subject now?

Electro Cali by Pretty Lights

Okay, so there aren’t really lyrics for this song, but I was definitely still singing along with all the “whoa-whoa-oh-oh” kinda things. There are some samples in it, but I never bothered to track down what they are or learn them.

Keasbey Nights by Streetlight Manifesto

They always played a slow song

I’m not sure what these songs say about me, but there they are if you wish to analyze.