Good Rides

by Equestriangradstudent

I always feel so much better after a good ride, especially when I was expecting a bad ride. My mare had Friday and Saturday off. Two days off for Abigail usually guarantees a ride full of rollbacks and scooting, but today she was fantastic. I did turn her out yesterday so she got some energy out. Still, I was not expecting such a nice session from her.

I rode with Jenny, because she changed her plans and is leaving this evening. She and Delta were very good company, and she was able to help me straighten Abby out in the canter. We didn’t do a lot of work because she was so surprisingly soft and willing to listen (she’s still Abigail so we just avoided the corners). We did some cavaletti work and it was calm (no leaping and broncing after!). Our transitions were smooth and less the  head-tossing that Faith hates. She was very soft in my hand and moving nicely forward. It always surprises me when she’s this consistent in the contact. I think that’s because I can’t pinpoint exactly what I did to get her to that point. It just kind of happened. Whatever, I should just take it and be happy. I’m not sure what got into the little mare, but I’ll take it! I just hope it continues all the way to the clinic.

Now the struggle is going to be maintaining that kind of ride with no other horses around. The little princess does NOT do things by herself, thank you very much. I’m hoping that Nancy will ride at reasonable times and I can just join her. Because as much as I loathe the woman, I loathe riding Abs alone so much more.