by Equestriangradstudent

Break is quickly becoming less of a vacation than I was hoping. Caring for students’ horses (yeah, I set myself up for that, wanted to make some money), watching the darling little Chihuahuas for Sam (I get to stay at her apartment with Netflix!), watching Jenny’s dog, watching Nancy’s entire farm…did I forget anything? Oh, yes. There’s the week after school starts again that I desperately want to go to. It’s with Cathy Jones-Forsberg, who is a USEA certified trainer. I’ve watched a good few of her clinics as a groom and like her style a lot. So I’m determined to go ride in this clinic. Facebook invites have been accepted, travel arrangements have been made (with Sam’s super awesome horse van) and money has been set aside. But I can’t give my mare two weeks off and then expect it to go well. Which means…I get to ride her over break! Yay!

If you’ve read anything else I’ve written about my mare, you’ll remember that she hates working alone. Which would be our only option, as no one else will be around over break. Well, no one who can ride. Some kids will be here to feed the horses, but they’re not allowed to ride. So I’ll just have to hang on and hope she’s in a good mood.

So, to continue the list of things I have to do over break…wait, I forgot where I was going with this. Let me just derail this thought and present a new topic about how people are trying to take advantage of me and how much I can’t stand it. Yes, Jordon, I mean you (not that she actually reads this, but it makes me feel better to name her directly). As I mentioned earlier, I’m taking care of students’ horses while they’re home for break. Because I am stuck here. In this miserable, non-snowing hellhole. Anyway, to make it worth my time, I’m charging to do the work. But today Jordon tried to convince me that I told her I would take care of her horse for free because we’re friends. I’m sorry, I never said that. But I told her, because it was when she was trying to sell Rhoda. Nope, don’t remember. But I did, because I also told all of Red Barn I would take care of their horses for free. No, I would definitely remember that. Whatever, why can’t I help her out? I can, but not for free. Well that won’t work. Okay. I’m a bad friend. Okay, I’m sorry.

That’s about how the conversation went. This is what I really wanted to say. It’s time to grow up, Jordon. You’re at college. Please, PLEASE grow up before you come back. You’re getting on my nerves with all of your childish bullshit. I’m not your friend anymore because it’s too much damn drama and everything has to be about you. Grow the fuck up.

Obviously, that’s a bit more eloquent than I would have been. But again, I’ve realized that I can’t come out and say that stuff to people. I just think it, feel bad and end up saying things like okay, I understand, sorry, that’s fine. Inwardly I am stabbing their eyeballs and screaming.