Horse Shopping

by Equestriangradstudent

Sam, Jenny and I went to look at horses today. Sam is looking to acquire a draft cross filly from a woman she trained a stallion for. The filly is free so of course we couldn’t pass up the chance to look. She’s a stocky thing, but solid on her feet and very friendly. We looked at a few other youngsters because we were there anyway and Jenny wants another project. There was one adorable little hunter prospect that I wanted (but of course I’m not horse shopping, I can barely fit the four I’m working now). Sam’s little filly was very cute and I do believe she’s going to take her. I hope so. She’s adorable! Definitely the most willing of the whole bunch.

The best part of horse shopping is that you never know what else you’ll come across. Today, for example, Sam found herself a horse van. Horse vans are an amazing invention that somehow fell out of style in the US. They’re basically a delivery truck for horses. This particular one is an 1972 International three-horse and it’s in pretty good shape. I’ve always been partial to horse vans, but then I’m always a fan of anything British especially when it comes to horses. I desperately want Sam to get the horse van because I am in no position to buy it. She’s wanted one for a while too, so really it’s not so bad hat I’m encouraging the purchase. The conversation went something like this…

Sam: “Do I really need it?”

Me: “YES! Horse vans rock! …I mean, it would be a good investment, they’re sturdier and safer…Ron likes them better than trailers…”

Yeah, I’m not biased at all.