by Equestriangradstudent

I’ve recently realized that I would be a raging bitch if I weren’t so apathetic. The things that occur to me to say to people are somewhat appalling, but that’s not why I don’t do them. I just don’t care that much. It works something like this: person does something stupid/annoying/frustrating. I think of a response. I shrug and walk away. Because I’m too damn lazy to tell the person what I think of them. Why involve myself?

The way I was able to come to this realization was through a situation that did directly involve me. One very odd student is looking for someone to take care of her horse over break. As I said before, I’m stuck here and as such will be caring for horses (and other pets, including goats…ugh) to make money. Sam told this student that I would be here, and her response was something like “I know but I don’t want to pay anyone to do it.” Really? You expect someone to take care of your horse for free? I’m sorry, honey, but that’s not how things work. On top of that, the school has a rule against students going in the horses’ stalls over great, lest an accident occur with no one there to help  (apparently they don’t care about staff getting injured). So here’s the conclusion: this student wants to hire someone against school rules to take care of her horse for free. I could have been a bitch and told her that she had no choice but to pay me if she wanted her horse cared for because no one else is allowed to do it. I could have told Faith that she’s trying to get a student to take care of her horse. I could have done so many other things. But I thought about it, shrugged, and will quietly wait to see the result of this situation.

Does that make me more or less of a bitch? I really can’t decide. I could, I suppose, tell her the rules in case she somehow isn’t aware of them (though she’s been here for breaks before) in a friendly way. But it’s easier to just not get involved. Because that would be way too much effort. Oh, and she’s weird and her horse is an ugly little mustang who’s damn rude as well. Okay, that’s being bitchy. It’s not the horse’s fault her owner is so stupid and never bothered to teach her manners.