The Way Sundays Should Be

by Equestriangradstudent

I’m really liking this new routine of hanging out at Sam’s on weekends. There are two adorable (but one slightly evil) Chihuahuas and a giant television. With Netflix. And she introduces me to awesome websites. First it was ebay, now etsy. While others go to church, we sit around, watch Netflix and browse the internet.

I realize I forgot to update yesterday; this is Sam’s fault. I was at her place without my computer. Yeah, yeah, it could be my fault for not planning well, or being forgetful or lazy. I don’t really care to take responsibility though.

I finally got to see Wreck it Ralph, which is way more awesome than I had imagined possible. I think I’ll buy it when it comes out. Yep, it was pretty darn cute.

I also taught my very first groom lesson. Because I have grooms (students at the school who want extra riding time), and in exchange for grooming for me they get a weekly lesson. The lessons are only allowed to be half an hour long to avoid overworking the horses, and are generally done in groups. Only three of my five grooms rode, which was fine because paying attention to three people at once was challenging enough. The riders did a good job and thanked me after, so I must have taught them something. I’ll admit, I felt more relieved that it was over than proud of my teaching ability. It was my first unsupervised group lesson, and I survived!

Now I’m going back to watching Netflix and exploring etsy. Don’t miss me too much!