Well that was interesting…

by Equestriangradstudent

…Is definitely not the phrase you want to be thinking when you watch the president of your school “train” your training horse. Ron came out to the arena today. With no warning. I was working with Studly, not paying attention to my audience when suddenly, there goes the arena gate, swinging open. And in walks Ron. “I thought it’d be easier to come out and show you.”

Yeah, okay. I hand the line over. He takes it and suddenly throws all his weight into Studly’s shoulder and keeps going until tiny little Studly (whose name is apparently spelled Stud Lee) hits the wall. He then does the same thing to drive the little colt backwards around the arena. Mind, I had been having trouble getting him to walk forward with me. Oh, and it was going to the right. Ron is working on the left, which had been Studly’s easy side. I’m just staring, not really sure what to do. Finally Ron hands him back and says, “can you do that?” He then looks at me and decides I’m not capable. He picks up my whip and tells me to whip him if I can’t just push.

Fantastic. Rhythm and relaxation out the window, and in record time too. I take the line back and proceed to back him around the arena under Ron’s watchful eye. As I’m pushing and whipping, Ron heads back into the booth to explain what just happened to the audience. Great. Meanwhile I have ten minutes to settle this horse down so I can get him out of the arena calmly. Perfect! Of course, Ron has to get on the microphone now and tell me when and how hard to push and shove poor little Studly around. Finally, after what felt like hours, it ended.

What a great session!

To make it even better, Kim (an instructor who watches the class because she doesn’t have to teach that hour) came up to me after and wanted to talk about how magical it was to watch Ron work. Yep, it sure is magical to watch a seventy-some-year-old cowboy shove a two-year-old stud colt off its feet. Gets me every time.