A Better Way to Vent

by Equestriangradstudent

I finally started going to the gym again today. I stopped going because my membership expired and Sam wanted to switch to a different gym, which was fine with me because there were weird gym-guys at the one we went to before. That was over the summer. At the end of the summer, a few things happened. First, I cracked my ribs. No gym for a bit. Then, my schedule changed (new quarter, new classes) and I couldn’t find time to go to the gym with Sam. I wasn’t about to go by myself, either. So I took a few months off. I say that like I wasn’t running up and down campus sixteen hours out of the day. Now I finally have the time, so I’ll be going to the gym with Sam every morning before school.

Which means I might not be as angry when I write these things. Because I will have Sam to vent to about the stupid people who attend this stupid school. Like Hannah, who managed to whine and complain herself into a class that she definitely doesn’t belong in. Bitch.

In other news, I had a great ride on Annie today! This was the first time I’ve ridden her with another horse, and she handled it like a champ. Different arena, different time, cold weather…this horse is an angel. It’s only the third time I’ve ridden her without lunging first. We didn’t really have steering so there were some surprise changes of direction, but they were done very calmly so I had time to warn Sam before we got too close. She didn’t mind sharing the arena with Astro, who is usually one of the worst space invaders I’ve met. He was on his best behaviour, too. Excellent way to end the day.

Even though it wasn’t the end of the day. Because Sam made me go to the gym. Stupid gym.