Folding Blankets

by Equestriangradstudent

Okay, how hard is it to fold a damn blanket? I mean honestly. Every day so far I’ve gone into the barn and there’s been something wrong with my horses’ blankets. I know I’m being picky about the folding, but they weren’t put on the horses correctly either. And there’s no excuse for that. Avery’s tail strap was wrapped around his leg once! It’s not goddamn long enough for that! How dumb can people be? It’s a freaking tail strap! And Abs’ leg straps didn’t get done almost every night. Granted she can be a bitch about putting the blanket on, but it’s still got to be done properly.

Everyone is taught how to put on blankets when they come in, it’s a part of orientation. Along with a bunch of other things that seem simple but apparently are impossible. Polo wraps, bridle nosebands, lunge lines. People really are idiots here. And they all want to be horse trainers when they grow up. These are a bunch of kids who literally know nothing about horses who expect to learn it all in a year and a half. Good luck, dumbasses.

Back on topic…Putting a blanket on should be easy. You set it on the horse’s back (throw it if you’re short like me), make sure it’s straight and even, then do the closures from front to back. Neck closure: Velcro together, buckle/clip straps (Abs’ velcro has been inside out every single time. Do you know how to stick velcro together?). Belly straps: Cross them under the belly (you know, the way they’re sewn on the blanket. Somehow people never manage to cross Avery’s correctly). Leg straps/tail strap: If your blanket has leg straps cross them and hook to opposite side of blanket. If it’s awesome like a Rambo and has a tail strap leave it connected when you take the blanket off so idiots don’t try to wrap it around your horse’s leg!

When you take the blanket off, just reverse the process. Start by unhooking the leg straps (but leave tail straps hooked, for god’s sake!), then unhook the belly straps, then the front straps. Then FOLD THE DAMN BLANKET. Do not hang unfolded blankets! It looks awful! Easy way to fold a blanket: throw it on the ground. That’s right, just drop it in the middle of the aisle. Them make sure it’s lying with the outside down. Fold it in half the way it would look if it was on the horse and you were looking at it from the side. Them fold it in half long ways. Then in half the other way, then hang it up on the stall door. Easy, neat, and not going to bother me every time I walk in the barn. It saves so much time when you put the blanket back on, because you don’t have to untangle it from the blanket bar, or try to figure out where to hold it to put it on the horse. it’s ready to go.

Apparently this is more than the students at this school can process. And yeah, it’s a lot of text. But when it’s been demonstrated to you, it should be easier to follow. Unless you’re a moron, like most of the students here.